Russian Dictionaries

The dictionaries library of the Russian language is divided into topics, levels and stages.


The dictionary of the each topic contains the most common-used words and phrases of English, which correspond to the active vocabulary, and their translation into Russian.

The topics’ list includes:

1. Words
2. Phrases
3. Phrasal Verbs
4. Idioms

The dictionaries’ topics are increasing constantly. You can find an announcement regarding the new dictionaries in the web-site news.

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Levels and stages

The each of topics can divide into several levels of complexity, from the Basic Level to the Advanced one. Every level is divided into stages. The Basic level consists of the “zero” stage dictionaries, then the Elementary level includes the “zero” stage and the first stage dictionaries, the Pre-Intermediate level contains the “zero” stage, the first stage and the second stage dictionaries, and so on.

The part of the frequency dictionaries for the “zero” stage are free of charge, but the frequency word-combinations dictionary of this stage is delivered with the program software. These dictionaries contain a small quantity of the important training data which is enough for the first introduction to the Russian language, the computer system and the learning technology.