Order the Russian language dictionary

In order to buy the dictionary of the Russian language and set up on your own computer it is necessary to follow these instructions:

1. Download the program HollywoodVocabulary and it set up.

The free of charge phrases dictionary of the “zero” stage is delivered with the program software as a set. This dictionary contains a small quantity of very important data, which is enough to introduce to the Russian language, the computer system and the training technology. The whole set is full-blown and free of charge.

2. Choose the Russian language dictionary on the topic and stage appropriate for you from the dictionaries list.

Please draw attention that words and word-combination lists of the different stages dictionaries do not cross. We can not recommend ordering the dictionaries of more difficult stages, if you have not the dictionaries from the previous ones. Remember that the lower number of the stage, the more it contains more used words and phrases.

If you use the Russian free of charge dictionary, you can miss the next step.

3. Paying the frequency dictionary of the Russian language.

After the dictionary payment, you will receive via e-mail a web-link to download a dictionary and registration data for its setting up on your computer. Please use the web-link from the e-mail message and download the dictionary from Internet.

4. Add the dictionary into the system library - HollywoodVocabulary.

Start the program HollywoodVocabulary, click the button Library and add the new dictionary of the Russian language. Depending on which dictionary you add, free of charge or paid, the system suggests you to register or does it automatically. During the paid Russian dictionary registration you should enter the data which you receive by email after its payment. All entered information must correspond exactly to the data from the e-mail message.

Words0-1210+$ 9.95 USDBuy
2270+$ 11.83 USDBuy
3920+$ 13.89 USDBuy
Idioms0-3150+$ 10.89 USDBuy
Phrasal Verbs0-3120+$ 10.33 USDBuy
Phrases1167+$ 9.95 USDBuy
2300+$ 11.83 USDBuy
3500+$ 13.89 USDBuy
41000+$ 23.28 USDBuy

* - the stages are marked as figures, i.e. 0, 1, 2 and so on.
The “0-3” means that the cards from the zero stage to the third stage are included into the dictionary.

** - you can pay by dollars or any other currency. On buying, the system is recalculating automatically.