User Manual

Working general principle of computer system to learn English language

The working principle is very easy. It imitates a job with cards. At the beginning, the card from the right side is shown to you. There is its content in the upper left field of the operating panel. Further, you try to remember what is written on the reverse side of the card. Regardless of your result, you turn over the card – and push the button Answer. In the left lower field of the operating panel the content of the card reverse side is appeared, and at the same time the examples and explanations are emerged into the right field. You compare this information with that you manage to remember. If your answer coincides with the card content, push the button Correct, if not, Incorrect. The system processes your answer and suggests you the next card. Then the procedure is repeating.

System management

The button Exit means the exit from the system.

Two buttons Library and Schedule are responsible for the system set.

By means of the first button Library, you can add a new Russian language dictionary into the system library. Depending on which dictionary you download, paid or free, the system offers you to register it or makes it automatically without your participation. During the paid dictionary registration you should enter the data which you receive by email after its payment. The whole entering information must correspond exactly to the data from an e-mail message.

With the help of the button Schedule, you can build a training cycle. If you do not use a schedule it is possible to choose an Russian language dictionary with which you want to work. Editing of the Schedule you can add dictionaries from the list available in the system, and also delete them from the schedule and change their parameters. The parameters are the learning order which includes the English-Russian or Russian-English ones and a quantity of cards which are shown before then the system goes to the other dictionary automatically. Besides, you can define the current dictionary is a dictionary with which you want to start training.

After ending work the current state of the system is kept automatically in order no to set it for you next time.

Using the button Notes, you can send for the window to note a formatted text.

As notes, any information can be saved, e.g., subsidiary associations created by means of mnemonics and something else.

The button Results can be opened a window where your advances in the foreign language learning are reflected. There are two tabs in this window, one of which is General Results (the results for the whole training period); the other one is “Results of last class”. Every tab shows an available quantity of dictionaries and the current state of the training process according to each of them.

The button Help readdresses the user to this web-site part.

The button About the Program gives the brief information about the program and its authors.